Friday, June 11, 2010

CNN's John Zarrella Helps Texas Tech Find Oil on iReport

iReport —

While searching for oil and tar balls from the Deepwater Horizon spill, Texas Tech researchers are led to samples on Dauphin Island's public beach by CNN's John Zarrella.

Zarrella explained that the oil was much better than it had been previously that day. Workers carried black plastic bags and removed what they saw, leaving tidy sand behind. Still, tar balls continued to roll up on the shore.

While there in Alabama, two undercurrents existed. Those fishermen whose livelihoods will be most effected were most willing to do anything to help researchers Ernest Smith and Mike Wages. Most were glad to have an independent academic organization interested in finding out the truth of the situation, and stated their trust in BP no longer existed.

Other local government officials and people under contract for BP were much more suspicious and less likely to assist, becoming hostile or "playing dumb" when the researchers asked them how to find sampling areas.

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